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June 13TH AT 10:00am CST


BULLGRO AUTO PRESENTS: Automotive Technology Showcase

When we ask a vendor to participate there is a set of criteria they must meet as follows:



Augment your teams with A.I. assistans. Answer all

your customer calls 24/7. Immediately increase your

revenues and enhance your customer service.

  • Rescue 10% of Revenues

  • New Service Levels

  • Supercharged Teams

  • Visibility for Managers


Ben was Product Director at X-Time and Sr. Product Manager at AMAZON. Ben holds many technology design patients, one that Google uses!  Ben’s newest invention leverages AI- solves the never ending phone call issue in a whole new way.


Build a more modern, more profitable dealership.

With Quik. customers spend more. Boost the average repair order value by up to $250 and increase future sales for an average of 2700% ROI.

Quik. to inform

Use comprehensive real-time management reports to find weak links in your performance line, maximize revenue and easily identify areas for improvement.

Quik. to improve

Empower your staff with modern tools to simplify processes and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Quik. to impress

Happy customers spend more and stay longer. Give your customers the modern interactions they want and the transparency they need to trust your business and see them return time after time for service and sales.


 Chad Deaver is an automotive BULL, he actually has his bachelor in Automotive Technology from Pittsburg State University, Check out his interview in Meet the BULL behind the Drive

Car Dealer

 Co-Founder & VP of Sales at BayWatch Technologies. Meet the BULL behind the Drive

Automated Vehicle Documentation

We believe that business moves at the speed of trust and that increasing trust will lead to a better world for all. We strive to deliver products that increase loyalty between businesses and their customers. Through technology, we enhance the transparency and integrity of business interactions.

  • Ultra HD camera system and software that automatically records every vehicle.

  • License plate recognition

  • Vehicle videos are easily accessible via cloud-based software.

  • Slow-motion, zooming, reporting, and sharing.

Features provide a simple way to find damage and create a professional and transparent process to handle customer disputes.

Changing Filter


FixedOPS Marketing offers a complete, hands-off marketing solution for fixed operations, built with modern technology, using the highest-converting tools, and labeled as “the best decision ever made” by Fixed Ops Directors. We’re the solution to your incomplete, underwhelming or nonexistent digital marketing.
We prove it.

  • A simple and effective marketing solution for fixed operations that engages and converts customers with modern conversion tools.

  • A simple and effective video marketing solution for fixed operations that engages and converts customers with modern conversion tools.

  • A complete digital marketing platform for fixed operations, which includes video marketing, SEO, landing pages, Google Business Profile integration, and email marketing templates.

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Co-Founder & Managing Partner at FixedOPS Marketing.


We tailor  a personalized marketing strategy that matches
your goals.

"As a CRO and COO in the automotive technology space before, I've been there, and I know what it takes to grow"


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